Can You Get Married in Napa Valley?

Are you looking to tie the knot in the beautiful Napa Valley? You may be wondering if weddings are allowed in the area. The answer is yes, but with some restrictions. Napa County is issuing marriage licenses to couples where one party must be a resident of Napa County by appointment only. Additionally, they are holding wedding ceremonies only for couples who obtain their license in Napa County by appointment only.

For more information, call 707-253-4247. Most wineries in Napa Valley are unable to host a wedding due to the Winery Definition Ordinance (WDO). This obscure 1989 law strictly prohibits wineries from holding weddings on their grounds. However, a few wineries have vested rights due to their pre-regulation status and are allowed to hold weddings. If you're looking for an affordable wine country wedding venue, a smaller wedding venue, a getaway wedding venue, or just an outdoor venue, you can search The Knot. But if you'd rather spend your money on a great wedding experience rather than wedding venues and hotels, you might want to look outside Napa and Sonoma or somewhere else.

Carneros Resort and Spa is one of the wedding venues in the wine country that allows you to pitch tents, making it a great option for couples who want to have a backup plan in case of inclement weather. Plus, your guests can stay at the hotel and take advantage of the high-end facilities during the day, making it more of a wedding weekend getaway than a single event. Couples looking for a trendy wedding venue in Napa should consider the Carneros Resort and Spa, located in downtown Napa. Some venues offer creative ideas to help couples right now, with small or getaway wedding packages, followed by a sequel wedding when restrictions are lifted. What you need to have a successful Napa Valley wedding isn't a “yes man”; you need someone who can help you navigate and make the most of what you want to have at your wedding venue; all while making sure your event is spectacular and that everyone is happy until the end of the night. Imagine, if desired, a winery in Napa County or Sonoma County that has solid wedding reservations for most of the year, with weddings every weekend.