Where Can Gay Couples Legally Get Married in Texas?

If you and your same-sex partner are considering tying the knot in Texas, you can obtain a marriage license from any county clerk's office in the state. There is usually a 72-hour waiting period before a judge or authorized religious official can officiate the ceremony. The Department of Labor has extended these protections to all married same-sex couples. Now that the issue of recognition of same-sex marriage has been settled by the U.

S. Supreme Court, divorce proceedings should not be handled differently from opposite-sex divorces. Same-sex couples can get a divorce in the county where at least one of them resides. It is recommended to hire a lawyer if there are custody, maintenance, or property issues, as your property, money and rights as a parent may be at risk.

With the Texas court now recognizing gay marriages, same-sex couples can marry and divorce no differently than opposite-sex couples. On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court agreed with the argument that Obergefell requires states to license and recognize same-sex marriages in the same way as opposite-sex marriages, but did not hold that “states must provide the same benefits publicly funded to all married people”. The big problem with common-law marriage is determining the date of marriage, whether you are in a same-sex or opposite-sex relationship. If you are looking for an experienced family law attorney for your marriage, divorce or custody needs, the professionals at The Jimenez Law Firm are here for you.

When the U. Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruled that same-sex marriage bans were unconstitutional, many same-sex couples in Texas breathed a sigh of relief. If you married in a place that recognized same-sex marriage prior to the SCOTUS judgment, for example, Massachusetts or Canada, you will likely face fewer obstacles to divorce. For adults to get married in Texas, they must first visit the county clerk's office to apply for a marriage license.

It is recommended that all parties find a good divorce lawyer, regardless of whether they are ending an opposite-sex marriage or a same-sex marriage. For couples who choose not to marry, estate planning is important to obtaining some of the protections for their family that would otherwise be available through marriage. The Texas Supreme Court on Friday dismissed a lower court ruling that said spouses of gay and lesbian public employees are entitled to government-subsidized same-sex marriage benefits. That request to the court came more than a year after state agencies moved to extend benefits to spouses of married gay and lesbian employees just days after the high court ruling.