What's the Perfect Wedding for an LGBTQ+ Couple?

Same-sex marriage, also known as same-sex marriage, is the union of two people of the same sex or gender. Although this isn't a legally recognized marriage in some states, couples can still have a beautiful and meaningful wedding. Are you curious to know how to reinvent or reinterpret wedding traditions for your LGBTQ+ wedding? Here are 12 creative ideas to make your special day perfect. Keep in mind that the words you feel most comfortable with don't dictate what you wear or the rituals you practice on your wedding day. For example, at a wedding for two brides, guests may wonder, even jokingly, which woman will wear a pantsuit.

Not all vendors will use language that includes LGBTQ+, but they've all agreed to advertise on these same-sex wedding sites, so you can be sure they're on board. Professional wedding photographer Marsh, who has shot 90 percent of his weddings with same-sex couples, explained that he has never seen a heterosexual couple worry about how they look while holding hands, kissing or dancing. For their “bridesmaids and groomsmen”, the term “attendants of honor” is often used at same-sex weddings. But their wedding is no less valid just because a government or society still doesn't recognize them as equal citizens. One of the reasons a book like Equally Wed was needed was to finally break the mold of the heteronormative terms “bride” and “groom” used in wedding books.

If you are getting married in a place where celebrant-led ceremonies are not legally recognized, you can have the legal part before, after or on the morning of your wedding day in a registry office and then a professional celebrant or even a friend can direct your service. We spoke to several experts in the field and several LGBTQ+ couples, to see how wedding traditions can be reinvented (or simply abandoned), to meet their needs and their relationship. Give your wedding party whatever label you want; after all, it's your day and you can be as traditional or non-traditional as you want. I wear a lot of dresses, so I felt very comfortable in a wedding dress, although I like a very simple style, so I never wanted anything too grand or demanding. He is also the founder and principal planner of Mark Christopher Weddings and Events and has more than 15 years in catering, corporate and social events.

When Jove Meyer, a wedding and event planner in Brooklyn, is working with a same-sex couple, he sometimes feels embarrassed when he hears a guest use the term “gay wedding.”He has had numerous conversations about engaged couples who are so worried about it that they are willing to downplay their love at the wedding to make the guests feel better.