LGBT Wedding Venues: Where to Celebrate Your Special Day

We understand that planning a gay or lesbian wedding can be a daunting task. That's why we're here to help you with everything from the venue to the guest list. Find LGBT-friendly wedding vendors who are enthusiastic and welcoming to all same-sex couples looking in your state or city. Each page contains region-specific information about the area, including popular sites and attractions, the history of legalizing gay marriage, and details on how to obtain a marriage license.

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Traveler, explorer, vacationer, meeting lover, swordsman hotel, restaurant, teepee, home, barn, farm, villa, sandcastle, etc. It's hard to track all the passwords in the world. This is your chance to refresh your memory. A civil union in the couple's home state should take over the legality, but Italy is quickly becoming a hotspot for LGBT commitment ceremonies and with the legalization of gay marriage in Ireland, a predominantly Catholic country, many social commentators say Italy doesn't stay back.

Although Thailand has not yet legalized gay marriage, gay wedding ceremonies can take place here under Buddhist law. Discover inspiration, information and answers to your important questions about planning a gay or lesbian wedding. Although gay marriage is not recognized in Italy, that should not deter a couple looking to get married in this luxurious land.