Who is the Person Who Officiates a Wedding Ceremony?

In the United States, a marriage officiant is a civil official, such as a justice of the peace, who performs acts of marriage or civil union. A wedding officiant is the leader of the ceremony, who works with the couple in the months leading up to the wedding day to craft the ceremony, which may include personal vows, readings, music selections, and more. They can also provide premarital counseling and must be legally ordained to perform weddings in their state and understand the laws in their jurisdiction regarding marriage license. On the wedding day, they will fill out and sign the marriage license (along with witnesses) and send it back to the county clerk's office for certification.

When it comes to selecting a wedding officiant, you have a few different options. A justice of the peace, a town hall official, or even a friend or relative can perform your wedding ceremony. This is a great way to get used to what you'll be saying to minimize how emotional you can be on the wedding day. As soon as the wedding date is set, you'll want to meet with the couple to discuss their expectations for the ceremony and review registration requirements.

Numerous expert wedding officiants have a genuine passion for their work and will inject into your big day an abundance of charm, elegance, personality and good vibes. You'll need to decide the type of wedding officiant you want your ceremony to perform before starting the search. Whether you're looking for a religious or secular officiant, it's important to allocate two percent of your total wedding budget to them. It would be awkward if your friend's outfit clashed with that of the wedding party, or if they stood out as being too formal or too informal in the images taken during the ceremony.

The dress rehearsal is not the time to do the first mock ceremony, especially if it's your first time officiating a wedding. The Vogue Ballroom has proven to be an iconic wedding venue and event hub in Melbourne with a highly prized track record. One of the advantages of having a friend or family member officiating at your wedding is that you can work with them to create a very personalized ceremony. Your wedding officiant has an essential role to play on your big day - without them, you're not actually married! So make sure you select someone who will make your special day even more memorable.